Executive Legislative Agenda 2018

Mayor Arman Launches SHS City Tour (Day 3)
March 1, 2018
BFP kicks off Fire Prevention Month 2018
March 6, 2018

The outstanding officials of the City Government of Biñan headed by Mayor Arman Dimaguila and Vice Mayor Gel Alonte, together with the equally committed members of the City Council, Department Heads and PNP conducted the Executive Legislative Agenda (ELA) Assessment and Planning Workshop as required by DILG on March 1-3, 2018 at Dumaguete City. Ms. Loyola Viriña – CLGOO, discussed the comparison of plans and accomplishments while the guest speaker, MLGOO of Victoria, Ms. Fatima Noña Alon discussed the problems, needs and concerns in the ELA implementation capacities of stakeholders in the LGU and community that have been developed. ELA is the term-based plan culled out from the Comprehensive Development Plan which contains the major development thrusts and priorities of both the executive and the legislative branches for the three year term of office. The ELA is mutually developed and agreed upon by the executive and legislative departments of the LGU in consultation with the various stakeholders. Some of the remarkable Executive and Legislative Agenda of Dimaguila-Alonte Administration for the City of Biñan are the following: 1. Consideration and study for the upgrade of Ospital ng Biñan; 2. Restoration of the old glory of Town Proper; clearing of sidewalks; 3. An ordinance on market policy, rules and operation; 4. Facelift of Town Plaza including the drainage system; 5. Purchase of excavator for the regular dredging of the river; 6. Study regarding PUP-Biñan extension; 7. New policy on INB Scholarship; 8. Continuing education opportunities for the City Government employees; 9. Sports Development and maintenance of sports facilities/venue; 10. Upgrade and promotion of City Health Offices; 11. Finish the CLUP; 12. National Competitiveness 2018; 13. Seal of Good Local Governance 2018; 14. KALASAG 2018; 15. Nutrition program for schools including planting of vegetables and food nourishment; 16. Citywide No Smoking Policy; 17. Citywide No Use of Plastic Policy; 18. Citywide beautification programs; 19. Barangay-level SGLG Awards; 20. City Cemetery upgrade and beautification; 21. Intensify Peace and Order, Livelihood, Social Welfare and GAD programs; 22. Emphasis on Women empowerment and VAWC programs; 23. Ordinance on junk shops; 24. “Aso Mo, Itali Mo” implementation; 25. Debt collection for market stall holders and real property taxes; 26. New directions for the City Legal Department; and 27. City Radio Station. ELA is a comprehensive development planning jointly formulated, approved and agreed upon by both the Executive and Legislative Branches. It aids in the fast implementation of government programs projects and activities as the LCE and the Sanggunian has a mutual agreement on the implementation of the projects as formulated. *Note: Some information are posted by Mr. Bj Borja and Serbisyong Arman FB Page.more photos